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Everyone knows that the most important part of any holiday is the food. And when that holiday is as important as Christmas, the food is extra special. All Mexican food has a connection to tradition, and the associations are even stronger when it comes to Christmas Mexican food. Certain foods are more common in different regions, but there are a few that are inseparable from Mexican Christmas celebrations. Traditional food is very important to us at Day of the Dead Mexican Taqueria, and we’re happy to be able to share it with you!


Food is at the center of any Mexican Christmas celebration. Here’s a closer look at three traditional holiday dishes.



One of the main dishes of many a Mexican Christmas feast is pozole, a thick soup traditionally served on Christmas Eve. Its common ingredients are hominy (dried corn kernels), chicken or pork, and chilies. Topping it off is a garnish of greens, radishes, or other crisp veggies. Although it often makes an appearance at Christmas, it’s part of the celebration of other holidays, including New Year’s Eve, Mexican Independence Day, and birthdays.



Every holiday needs a special dessert, and for Christmas, it’s buñuelos. These are fried dough fritters, similar to donuts, covered in cinnamon sugar or hot sugar syrup. They come in various shapes and sizes. You’ll find small ones similar to donut holes, flat and crispy pancake shapes, and intricate buñuelos with cutouts that look like snowflakes.


Rosca de Reyes

This ring-shaped cake has its moment after Christmas on January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany, commemorating the arrival of the Three Kings in Bethlehem. The name means “Kings Bread,” and it is decorated to resemble a crown. It is a sweet bread with candied fruit and other sweet toppings. Inside, the baker places a fava bean to represent the Baby Jesus. Sometimes, the baker will use a plastic figurine of a baby instead of the bean. Whoever gets the slice with the bean or baby figurine has to host the party next year. Finding the baby figurine is also considered to be good luck.


Traditional Mexican Food | Day of the Dead Taqueria

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